About The Artificial Naturalist

Bob Lieber – The Artificial Naturalist

Photography has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Photography is literally defined as “Drawing with Light” and this has been passion. I try to bring to my photography a view of the world that finds beauty wherever I happen to be at that moment. That beauty may be in a mountain vista, or with wildlife, or in a city-scape, or with capturing people in their everyday work. I always carry a camera with me; sometimes it is part of a phone, sometimes a small set-up for street photography; sometimes a long telephoto searching for wildlife.

My “gear” is a set of tools, a very good set of tools, but tools never the less. My gear is the brush I use to capture what the light paints in my mind. My darkroom work is now digital rather than the classic chemical darkroom I began my journey with, but what matters most to me is that my images convey that sense of beauty I find in everyday life.

I want every image I share with you, whether on social media or on a print to evoke an emotion. It does not have to be the same emotion as I felt capturing that image, but I hope the image stirs something in each person who views it. Beauty is always all around us. My mission is to capture and share that with you. Please feel free to let me know how you feel about my images. Likes are nice, but true feedback is always most welcome.

The Artificial Naturalist