Common Beauty

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Can the common be beautiful?

This is an image of a common thistle. The common thought (at least among most photographers here in Colorado) is that because the thistle is an invasive species and not “native” to Colorado it is not worthy of a photographic capture. I am of a different mind, as I am a member of an invasive species myself (I only moved to Colorado five years ago) and as such to me beautiful is beautiful. We all have a tendency to view an image for its uniqueness rather than the beauty we work so hard to capture with our cameras. I would encourage all of us (I need to be reminded as well) to look again at the “common”, be it a mammal, or a bird, or that view of your favorite landscape that you haven’t shot in a long time or even a thistle! It may be common, but the light, the time the place is unique every moment you are there. To me the common can be just as beautiful as the unique. It is that quest for the perfect capture that keeps me pushing the shutter, I hope it is the same for you as well!