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Last Saturday I spent a wonderful morning with 45 other photographers capturing images of rescued raptors courtesy of a wonderful organization called HawkQuest. This image is of a Eurasion Eagle Owl and the colors are not manipulated, the owl’s eyes are really that orange! HawkQuest is a Colorado nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization. HawkQuest's approach to education in classrooms and lecture halls is participatory, allowing the audience to experience HawkQuest's eagles, owls, falcons and hawks at close range. They do wonderful work and like all charitable organizations they survive on the donations from folks just like us. It is hard to suggest that when there are so many human oriented charities in need that supporting a Colorado based charity that helps raptors is a worthy cause, but for me it is. Please go to HawkQuest’s website http://www.hawkquest.org/ and decide for yourself. I have an entire gallery dedicated to the birds of HawkQuest, I hope you will visit that as well. Enjoy and thanks!

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