Ghost Ranch Landscape

Untitled photo

This image was captured at the location of Georgia O’Keefe’s home in Ghost Ranch near Santa Fe New Mexico. O’Keefe used these hills in many of her paintings, and many of these locations are easily recognizable in her works.

It is clear that this area inspired her not to make literal drawings of what she saw, but what she felt when she viewed these scenes. Painting is the art of inclusion (deciding what to place on the canvas) while photography in the art of exclusion (not capturing the elements in the image that distract you). (Note: this is not my original idea, but I cannot recall the original source).

The so called badlands always move me to try and capture their beauty. I never succeed, but I keep trying from Montana down through Wyoming, South Dakota and of course in New Mexico. I love the badlands of the American west.

What inspires you? Whatever it is, if it moves you it cannot be “bad”