Grand Autumn

Untitled photo

What is Your Color Pallet?

It is a photographer’s way of asking “what is your favorite color?” In all fine art (even in monochrome or if you prefer black and white) your color pallet is that group of colors where you feel most comfortable. If you want to determine your color pallet just look around your home. Are you more into greys or blues or is it reds and browns. Is it bold colors or soft pastels? Sometimes your pallet will change with different rooms setting different moods. You might like softer colors where you relax, a bolder pallet where you entertain. When choosing fine art photograph or when a photographer seeks to capture a scene the colors that moves them will reflect not only where they are, but the mood they are in and where they envision displaying their art. For me the soft hues of autumn have always attracted me and never more so than when I am in the Grand Teton Mountains. Looking at an image like this one evokes a feeling of cool air, and warm sun drenched fall foliage and makes me feel very serene. That is the wonderful thing about photography, it allows you to create that perfect piece of art that fulfills your needs and complements your color pallet.