Heart of Italy Tour

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Rick Steves The Heart of Italy

Ciao!  We are Bob and Leslie and we live in Denver, Colorado. This is a record of our trip to Italy taken in October of 2019.  We traveled with Rick Steve's tours specifically on the "Heart of Italy" nine day tour.  In addition to our main tour we spent a few days in Sorrento on the front end and a few days in Milan on the back end where we always had our Rick Steves' Guidebook close at hand!  To say that this trip was wonderful would be a huge understatement.  It was an adventure, it was an experience, it was an opportunity to see new things, meet new people and experience Italy in a way we never would have imagined possible.  Most of all it was fun!

Why did we choose to travel with a Rick Steves' tour?  That is easy, after traveling with the help of Rick's guide books and TV shows for a long time we wanted to travel with a group of like minded people.  Want to find out more about our tour as an option for future travel?  Follow the link labeled Rick Steves Heart of Italy Information!

So click on each one of the links to the left (don't miss the People page) and share with us the wonderful experience as we explored the Heart of Italy!

Gateway at Volterra

Voltera Gate